The solo is sounding really good, make sure you practice the second half of the solo a lot more this week since that part is newer to your fingers. Secondly, see if you can play the in my life chord progression in every key. Lastly, try to transcribe the solo from Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd. It starts around 0:55. Lastly, listen to Big Thief, my personal favorites are their newest album and their first album.



Killing it as usual! Here Comes The Sun is sounding really good, make sure you play along with the video to make sure everything is sounding as smooth as possible. You’re starting to develop a deeper understanding of how music works at it’s core and your music theory has come such a long way! Keep up the good work.



Star Wars Theme is sounding really good, so now we’re going to start a new project of Here Come The Sun to get you better with your chords because that’s an important skill set of any musician. Make sure you memorize that A7 chord and don’t think I’ve forgotten about the C major scale! I’ll check in on that next week.



The Em scale sounds great, I’m glad you figured out how to do it forwards and backwards, that can be challenging sometimes but good job. Make sure you have Happy Birthday completely memorized, break it down into small chunks the stick it all together. Lastly, practice our new song, Boom by X Ambassadors.


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