Hi there,

Good work this week everybody!

take care,



We worked on: Bach piece, Khebar improvising

What to practice: familiarize yourself with the four different chords, experiment with soloing on chords in sequence, try soloing using the A harmonic minor scale



We worked on: chromatic scale, soloing on a blues

What to practice: familiarize yourself with the four different chords in the C blues (scales and arpeggios), make up your own lick and play it through the chords like the examples I gave you.



We worked on: scales, watermelon man, wrote a solo using D7

What to practice: work on getting watermelon man melody up to tempo and solid! practice high C to F to work on the palm keys.



We worked on: Rubank, embouchure, silver and art

What to practice: Rubank “review lesson”, first half (start at 66bpm and gradually increase one click at a time), Silver and Art (keep working on the rhythms and feel, play more slurred except for the “hat” accents), embouchure (roll out the bottom lip, take more mouthpiece in your mouth, neck at less of an angle)





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