Hi everyone,

Feeling much better this week, thanks to those who switched online! Looking forward to back in person next week.

take care,




We worked on: Sonnymoon for two, Major scales to the 7th, playing arpeggios through a chorus of G blues.

What to practice: Silver and Art so we can play it in person next week, playing different combos and licks through the blues chords, Blue Bolivar Blues and Blue Monk.



We worked on: C, F, Bb scales (starting on top note), Marcha Do Remador (tongueing and more air) and “Head” of One For Daddy-o

What to practice: break out a new reed and practice putting more air through the instrument, One for Daddy-o Head and first “chorus” of solo (12 bars).


We worked on: Silver and Art, created a solo with the blues scale.

What to practice: second page of Silver and Art (36 till the end), practice solo we wrote together and/or write your own!




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