Hi everyone,

Good work this week!!!




We worked on: major 7th scales (up to the b7 with swing feel) through the Circle of 4ths, Mosquito Dance, Little Suede Shoes chords and form

What to practice: Rhythm of Mosquito Dance, scales through the Circle of 4ths, light tonguing during practice, practice different ways of soloing on Little Suede.


We worked on:  Soloing on the blues, Blue Monk

What to practice: memorize Blue Bolivar Blues, practice the techniques for soloing we talked about.


We worked on: G to G chromatic, C to C chromatic, 7th scales and arpeggios, “Head” and solo of One For Daddy-o

What to practice: Bis Bb for all of Daddy-O, practice whole tune! + 7th scales and arpeggios


We worked on: subdividing eighth notes (1+2+3+4+) on Silver and Art

What to practice: Silver and Art from shout chorus (last part),m next week D blues chords.