Hi students and parents! Great job today!


Ezra: Great job making up ghost note grooves today. Syncopated ghost note grooves like the ones you came up with today are the essence of funk drumming. KEEP MAKING THOSE UP AND PRACTICING THEM. You can practice this using your sticks, your knees, and your feet. You do not need a kit to practice. Listen to the drumming of Clyde Stubblefield, David Garibaldi, and Zigaboo. Check out Bill Stewart’s playing on Maceo Parker’s albums from the early 90s. Adam Deitch is a more modern master of this style. Listen and experiment.


Chloe: Great work playing the groove with the metronome today. DO MORE OF THAT. You should be playing so much in time that the metronome “disappears” into your groove. Keep making up fills. Try to alternate 2 bars of groove and 2 bars of fill. Especially with the metronome. The most important thing this week is that you are playing to a metronome!