Nice to hear the clarity of your voice getting more and more focused.  Notice how repeating certain phrases over and over again help you to find the groove of your voice. Doing this on certain “troublesome” phrases can help you feel way more relaxed and sing more easily.  Using more air on higher passages really shows your strength.  It takes way more energy to sing high and so it’s good we discovered you have more power with more air.  Great work! :)

Sounding really good!  I’m happy with your work this past week.  The breakfast song is sounding especially well practiced. It’s good to see things get better after a little bit of work on them isn’t it?  Remember the little repetitive exercises we did in the warm up and the other repetitions we did when working on the songs?  Try doing this so some jumps from note to note become really smooth. I’m looking forward to your appearance at the recital. :)

Daniel is an excellent choice for you. Work on singing it through at different speeds. The idea is to make the song your very own, not just an echo of what Sir Elton did on the recording. Try different voices to see what strengths you can reveal to use in your final performance.   You are really blossoming and finding your voice!  Well done! :)

When you are healed from your sore throat I want you to work on the ending of Halo.  Then on Saturday we’ll work out the details about the ending.  Don’t push your voice too soon after having a sore throat though. See you soon my dear! :)