Hello Everybody,


We will start to plan the make-up week now.  As usual, we aim for the regular days and times during this period, but will sometimes need to ask for a different or additional day, as well as slightly adjusted start/end times and lesson lengths.

You will likely receive alerts from the scheduling system while we do this.  In the interim we ask that you do not confirm these times as they are quite fluid while we are in the planning phase.

Once we have arrived at a preliminary schedule that works, we’ll send an email notification like this one, which we will ask you to then call the office to confirm.

Not all teachers will have enough make-ups to come teach during this week, in which case we will defer to the next make-up period.  If you are away during these periods, the same deferral will apply.  Remember that we only have 2 dedicated make-up weeks during the school year and that make-ups do not carry over past June 30th.

The make-up week runs:

  • OAKWOOD: December 17-23
  • LAWRENCE PARK (TFS): December 18-20

If you have any questions, please call the office directly.  Thank you!



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