Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Work on the introduction to the song “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin. Read the music that I wrote down for you, count it out loud, and then try to sing the song in your head while you play it. Don’t try to do it fast yet. Just focus on the rhythm and the timing. Keep practicing it slowly until it feels comfortable.


Practice the drum fill from “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’” that I wrote in your book. Focus on keeping the rhythm really even and not speeding up. Also, work on the ‘flam’ technique that I showed you. Lift one stick higher above the drum than the other so that when you bring them down together, one stick will hit the drum before the other one.


Keep working on the beat from “Dancing Queen”. Play it for long stretches of time and focus on consistency. Also, listen to the recording and see if you can play it at the speed of the song. Practice the new fill from “Eye of the Tiger” as well. Try to keep the rhythm very even and end right on beat three.


Practice the new accent patterns that I wrote in your book. The most difficult part of the accent patterns is keeping the sticks low to the drum for the non-accented notes. Remember what we talked about in class: imagine a small space sitting right on top of the drum – only a couple inches high – and focus on keeping the tips of the sticks inside of that space except when they’re playing an accent.


Practice the accent patterns that I wrote down in your book. Remember that the accented notes need to be loud, but the non-accented notes need to be very soft. So keep the tips of your sticks very close to the drum head whenever they’re not playing an accent. Also, practice the accent patterns slowly because it requires a lot of control to play them correctly.