Welcome back !!! Thanks for your hard work over March break :)


When working on your technique this week (scales, triads etc.) focus on shaping them (start softly, crescendo to the top and then diminuendo on the way down). Record yourself for an objective view.

Sunset at the Beach – Great rhythm fix. Get more explosive with your dynamics, tell a story. Pay more attention to your pedalling at home and ensure the pedal is being fully “cleared” (coming to the top so the sounds don’t squeak through) and nothing sounds muddy.

Harlequinade – louder louds!

Clowns – More drama in the crescendos. This piece is filled with surprises because it’s about clowns!

Sonatina – Ensure the RH is louder than the left at the very beginning, of course the goal is for everything to be very quiet, but the right can’t be quieter than the left accompaniment so adjust accordingly.


Great job with the Swing today! Find it here to further practice.

Next week bring your folder so we can get started on Interstellar. Play around with it and Avatar this week. Avatar you’ve made great progress, practice it like you did in lesson today where you ensure you’re playing the pattern in 9/8.


Goldberg Variations – Great job using beat to beat practice to ensure your hands are together in the right spot and evenly. Continue this.

Mozart – I vote for you to begin working on the chart with the D minor key signature. Count four groups of 3 eighth notes for each bar. Notice the dotted quarter notes in the inner voice later in the piece.


Mission Impossible – work to eliminate the coffee break your RH is taking after the first 2 eighth notes. Keep practicing it hands together, you’ve got this! Your rhythm worksheet prepared you for this kind of coordination!

Young Ludwig Exploring – work on the first 4 bars when the hands are copying each other, as well as the ending when they play in unison. Use the written fingering. Notice how the other hand begins to play one 8th note after the previous hand finishes, creating a constant flow of notes.


Your new major scales are Eb, Gb, Ab, and Bb. Fingering can be seen below. 2 octaves are shown in the pictures.

Periwinkle Twinkle – Wow ! Great work! Pay attention to the different phrase endings and use the written fingering consistently. Great groove!

Crazy Comics – Play through the first 14 bars (up to the star) this week. Go slow so that your counts are accurate. Everytime you noodle something wrong, your brain remembers it, so don’t confuse your brain!


Queens Royal Entrance – Awesome! Play it lots this week so you can do it no hesitation!

New major scale = B! RH is same fingering as always, thumb on white keys. LH goes 4321 4321.

We learnt the Star Wars Main Theme by ear in C so practice that so it doesn’t fall out of your brain :)