Piano Adventures. Read p. 40 (and 41 if possible). If you need to circle or mark the notes to visually help you, do it.

Mario Song: Choose a slow tempo and practice from beginning to end. Make sure you can play the notes without missing them, especially the thirds.

Maria Ines:

In the Name of Love: Figure out the drop (instrumental breakdown). Try different rhythms for that part.
For the chorus, play octaves in the left hand, and then follow the song’s bass drum rhythm.
Use most of your practice time to do these two things.


“Copy Cat”: read the last line, then practice the whole piece. Bars 9-12 are the same as 1-4. Make sure you’re using the right fingering.


Practice “Minuet”. Remember to repeat each phrase as indicated. Pay attention to the fingering.
Keep practicing the chord sequence. Start with both hands at the same time. When you feel comfortable doing that, do the rhythm shown in class.