Hello Everybody!

We have a lot of things coming up as we approach the spring, so be sure you read this note!

  1. March Date Notices: March Break & Make-ups & Easter
  2. Spring Recital
  3. Fall Re-Registration and Summer Registration

March Dates

11 & 12 Regular Lessons & Music Together
13-19th Make-up Week, No Music Together

Make-up Lessons

We expect to have a preliminary make-up schedule to send out over the weekend.  REMEMBER, you must indicate if you are coming or if you are not coming by phoning the office, or you may lose your make-up.

Spring Recital May 14th

Put this date in your calendars!  We apologize to all the lovely mums out there, as this is mother’s day, but this is the best date option for many reasons.  We expect these to start at noon, but will update you as we get closer.

All Students should now be working towards getting something performance-ready.  As our recitals are optional participation, this is a particularly important concept, because we don’t want to force any young people into a situation where they may have any thing less than an excellent experience.  Nonetheless, preparing something to a performance standard is an important part of building self-esteem, and the freedom to make the choice about playing it in public.

While the performance part of our recitals are optional, the attendance part is mandatory.  Being an audience member is an important part of a musical education, and ABC makes it a point of pride to not only provide free access, but a range of different kinds of performances from different ages and groups to help round out your family’s musical experience in a short’n’sweet time-frame – usually no more than 45 minutes.

Music Together families are welcome to our low-key recitals!  They are short and sweet, and you can pop in and out, if you like!  Stay tuned for more information.

Fall Re-Registration & Summer Registration

As usual, our registration process will begin at the Recital, on May 14th.  We’ll have teaching days and times sent out to you ahead of this, and expect minimal change at this time in the weekly routine.  REMEMBER:

May 14-21 – You may re-register for your existing day & time.  It is recommended that you do this, regardless of whether or not you wish to change, as it is easier to keep the time-slot than to reclaim it when booked by someone else.

May 21-28 – You may switch your day & time

May 29 onwards – open to public registration

Thanks and see you soon!