Make-ups – You Must Confirm by Phone or In-Person

Click to view the preliminary make-up schedule for March Break.

It is recommended that you search the PDF for your child’s full name, so you can see how many lessons they have.  In some cases there is more than one lesson being made up, and you need to confirm each time.

Please note that if you do not confirm, you may lose your lesson.

Since this is a preliminary schedule, there may be some small changes between now and March Break.  Please check each time a new version of this is sent.

New Recital Date & Student Appreciation Fair!

We are excited to tell you that we are going to have a special event this year, celebrating not only our students’ achievements, but also our community.

We’ll have our recital on May 2nd, which will be followed by a community fair and live performances by our two Rock Bands, and the Ken Hazlett Big Band.  There will be some food, drink, and activities provided, and this will all be held at the recital venue; Casa do Alentejo.

Part of our community fair will be to include you, our families, showcasing yourselves professionally.  It is our hope to strengthen our community by sharing what we do with each other in a display setting.