• Free play
  • General note on Arabian Dances: Instead of making the accented notes very loud, make the non-accented notes a little quieter.
  • Mallets: Arabian Dances, bars 15-28, 44-52 and 84-end
    • Play along to a metronome at 120 bpm and work your way up to 150 bpm.
    • Make sure your rolls flow into the note that comes after (don’t leave a space between the roll and the next note).
  • Snare: Arabian Dances, bars 83-93


  • Free play
  • Practise bars 1-3 of the “Jazz – Snare Offbeats” sheet
    • Start by playing “basic time” (swing rhythm on the ride, bass drum playing quarter notes, hi-hat on “2” and “4”)
    • Add in the snare when you’re ready.
  • Play the exercises along to both of these recordings:
    1. Slow speed: Scofield
    2. Medium speed: Coltrane