Practice the “Overworld” theme complete. If needed, play the last phrase of the song in a loop until you can match the speed of the rest of the song.

Read piano Adventures p. 48 “Irish Washerwoman”. Remember that the line means you have to play the notes without leaving space between them, and the dot is the opposite.

Maria Ines:

“Another Love”: Figure out the introduction. Remember that it is a simplified version of the verse’s melody, with a third added below. Practice the set Verse 1-Chorus 1-Verse 2- Chorus 2. Pay special attention to the differences between both choruses.


Practice the last page of the book. Once you have that page, try to play the piece from the beginning.


Keep practicing “The Brady Bunch” with the corrected rhythms, and try to memorize it for next class. The same applies to “Bad Guy”.