Practice p. 49 “Waltz”. Remember that in lines 1 and 3, you have to move your thumb, and in lines 2 and 4, you must move your third finger. If you can, add the dynamic marks for next week as well.

Practice the “Underwater Theme” with separate hands.

Maria Ines:

“City of Stars”: Practice from beginning to end. Keep in mind the following:

  • In bars 26-27 and 34-35, do the e in the right hand shorter.
  • In bars 28 and 36 don’t forget the last D in the left hand.
  • Use a few minutes to play from bar 40 to the end.


Practice the last song of the book a few times for next week, so you don’t stop in between the bars. Congratulations!


“A Teenage in Love”: Read for next class. Remember that in this piece you play C# instead of C. Focus on the second half of the piece first (the one with the left hand), and then try the first part. If you feel confident about the parts separately, tart practicing the complete piece.