Overworld theme: Practice the left hand of the B section. The idea is that you have to be able to play it without looking at your hand. Also practice the bit we put together.

Piano Adventures: “Ode to Joy”. Since you already know the melody, pay special attention to the left hand on p. 45. Try always to read the notes on the staff, even if you don’t need it. Incorporate the dynamics into the piece.

Maria Ines:

City of Stars: Practice the B section with both hands. Go slow, so that you can play the left hand evenly. When you feel confident, you can try and play the whole song.

Another Love: Figure out the introduction of the song. Practice the chords, always playing the bass in octaves in the left hand and the chords in the right hand. Link the chords using the common notes between them. Don’t jump between chords.


Bell of Great Britain: Practice the dynamics in the song. The first line is loud the first time, and soft in the repetition. In the second line, you have to make sure you’re playing each bar softer than the last one, and jumping between octaves.

Read “Come on Tigers!”.


Scales: Practice the C major scale with both hands separately, following the fingering explained in class.

The Brady Bunch: Now that you have the notes, practice the rhythms. I marked each place where you have to stop (wait for one beat) before going on. Use the metronome if it helps, it is a good habit to have!