Practice Ode to Joy (p. 44-45). Add the dynamic marks if you can. The idea is that you can play it from beginning to end without stopping for the next class.

Practice the “Overworld theme” with both hands. Pay special attention to the second part of the song. Try to match the speed of the first part for the next class.

Maria Ines:

“Another Love”: Figure out the melody for the introduction and add a third below it to complete it. When you read the chords, fall with the right hand (chord) before the left hand (bass). That (the counterbeat)  is the key to playing this song.

“City of Stars”: practice the B section (second part of the song) at a slow tempo to be consistent throughout it. When you feel confident, play the song from the beginning.


Piano Adventures p. “Princess or Monster”. Practice playing from beginning to end. Encourage her not to stop between parts, and to respect the rests of the song. Remember that you have to repeat it.


Practice the chords from “Bad Guy”, following the rhythm in the left hand (bass). The idea is that for the next class, you don’t have to think about the rhythm when playing.