Oct 4 – Van, Eric, Jayden, Joshua, Marshall

Van Keep practicing Black Dog and Heartbreaker, they're sounding great. Try to play along to the tracks this week (remember YouTube's playback speed function if they are too fast). Keep working on The Ocean, and try to have it memorized for next week. Keep practicing the snake exercise, as well as all the open major chords. Practice your 1324 picking [...]

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Oct 4

Announcements Here's the link for the book I sent last week again. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_PprRoGbEO1Evthjesdgsb4RluAeEYcx/view?usp=drivesdk Samson Do 1-8 from the file I shared. Practice at 100-120 bpm. Focus on adjusting your grip; relax and use more wrist. Try learning the double-stroke and closed roll. I'll keep working on it with you next lesson. If you want to play some songs then bring [...]

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October 4th

Francisco: Scales: Practice with both hands, two octaves. Remember to put the thumb in C and F in the right hand, and C and G in the left hand. Happy Birthday: Play the chords with the left hand and the melody in the right hand. (C major --> C-E-G; G major --> G-B-D; F major --> F-A-C) Make a list [...]

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Matthew October 3rd

G minor harmonic extension with 1st finger, not 2nd when extending, try not to push your elbow forward look in mirror, make sure shoulders are squarred G minor melodic ascending: lowered third, normal 6 and 7 descending: lowered 3 6 and 7 G minor Arppeggio try not to flatten fingers out when extending Lee 1 no fishing with the bow [...]

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Oct 1

Hi Charlie, Here's the book I've been working out of. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y0owuLG4rZwdx7vxJNcvnNiFQC27AVy3/view?usp=drivesdk I'll just leave it at that; let me know if you're seeing these when you have your next lesson.  

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October 1 Saturday Lessons – Erin P

Happy October 1st! 30 sleeps until Halloween! Jadon You're continuing to work on My Heart Will Go On. Isolate measure 5 and practice it in time 5 times before going to work on other sections. Same with measure 25 on page 2 to get used to tucking the thumb under. I really like how you worked stuff out on your own and [...]

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Assignments for the Week of Sept 29 – Oct 5

Hi everyone, Here are your assignments for this week: Will Recommended minutes to practice: 20-30 minutes per day What to practice: Practice the ending of Tom Sawyer from where it says “Verse” on page 4 to the end of page 5. How to practice it most effectively: As always, focus on the fills and transition points in the song. Don’t [...]

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September 29 Thursday Lessons – Erin P

Hello hello! It's almost October!! *ghost noises* Fiona Missed you this week, excited to reunite next Thursday :) You can show me your beautiful floaty two-note slurs. Marita Missed you this week - we will revisit The Infinity Session and Celebration Time next week. Sara You're working on the entirety of Arctic Voices. The fingering is there to help you and make it smooth, [...]

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Sep 28

Hello Everyone, Sorry this is a little late for those of you I had on Tuesday. All the information is for everyone this week so take some time to read it. Announcement I will be seeing those who usually have Tuesday lessons at their regular times in the coming week but the week after that lessons will temporarily be moved [...]

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September 28th

Gerardo: Allegro in D major. For the first page, make sure you have both hands in your fingers. It does not matter if it is at a slow tempo. For the second page, start putting both hands together. Down by the Way. Pay special attention to the last two lines of the piece. Be careful with the eight notes of [...]

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