The 3 C’s of Music: concentration, coordination, and creativeness

Music has an amazing way of influencing our cognitive abilities. Music boost kids concentration, coordination, and sparking creativeness.  In this post, we’ll explore how music lessons, and music programs for all ages improve the 3 C´s of Music. The younger the age and the more frequent the exposure, the greater the benefit over time, additionally this works at any age! [...]

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Being able to play an instrument improves kids’ self-esteem.

Intriguing about the ways to improve your kids’ self-esteem? Music has the power to touch your kids’ hearts, uplift their spirits, and even shape your lives. Music is a universal language that transcends frontiers, and its benefits are boundless. One of the most remarkable aspects of music education is its ability to enhance a child's self-confidence. In this blog post, [...]

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Tuesday, June 25th

Josh New song:*** Back In Black by AC/DC Working on everything up until the guitar solo See chart in frequently used folder Nova Xylophone: --C and G major scales --Piano Adventures page 48 I will be posting Nova's 7-week summer protocol in their Google Drive folder later this week! Jonah Herbie Hancock: Watermelon Man --Four new measures: these are complicated! [...]

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Saturday June 22 Lessons – Erin P

Thank you all for solidifying my love of teaching music every Saturday <3 You all rock! Hakim  Bee is sounding awesome, great work with the transitions between sections. Scary Swing is tricky and a great longterm goal! *New* Friday Theme - this piece is well within your level. Watch the D major key signature (F# and C#). You can play [...]

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Thursday June 20 Lessons – Erin P

You all make me so happy to be a piano teacher :) Liam I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! *New* Cantina Band - This piece uses 1,2,3 different endings for each section, pay attention. The LH is ALWAYS on beat, which gives a good pulse to bounce the RH off of. Today we played a 12 bar blues, and talked about [...]

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Tuesday, June 18th

Nova Xylophone: --C Major Scale and Arpeggio (C-E-G-c-G-E-C) --Piano Adventures p 46-47 (counting in 3) Myles Survivor: Eye of the Tiger --Great! --Now you've actually learned all the music, it just repeats the different parts you've learned. Keep playing along and we'll be finished with this song next week! Xylophone --Review of C major scale, identifying the musical alphabet --Page [...]

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Saturday June 15 Lessons – Erin P

Hakim Bee - Fantastic work!! Only thing left to add is the 2 bars between the stars where it is all 16th notes. One begins with D, then Db, then the last one is F major triad. Scary Swing - You know all the notes and patterns up until the F, Eb, Db, C descending section. Go slow and work [...]

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Saturday, June 15th

Jack Zelda themes (Talus Battle; Guardian Battle) Benny Greb Rhythmic Alphabet (click here to access - bookmakr for future use) --Practice clapping out the different letters from Q-X --As a bonus, begin on th letters A-P (note: these are counted in four as opposed to 3 like Q-X are) Jared Warmups (1min/ea) --Linear triplets: hi tom-->mid tom-->snare goal tempo 190bpm [...]

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