Saturday May 11 Lessons – Erin P

Today was fantastic :) Enjoy Mother's Day tomorrow <3 Hakim Lost Woods - GREAT progress!! Your LH position changes are sounding really good. Continue to do practice at slower tempos to get it as "clean" as possible. If there are spots that always go perfect hands together, only play them in performing mode, they don't need special like the spots that [...]

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Saturday, May 11th

Jack Working on 4- and 8-counts Repeat-after-Me game Working on two parts at once: --LH plays "1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +" while RH plays on "2" and "4" Nova RECITAL PREP Alouette Row, Row, Row Daft Punk: Lose Yourself to Dance NEW SONG Conan Gray: Maniac Robbie Warmups (30sec/ea): --8 on a hand exercise --Single Stroke Roll [...]

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Thursday May 9th Lessons – Erin P

See you THIS Sunday at 12:30 or 1:30, if you're signed up :) Liam Sonatina in G major - Sounding great! 3rd line is what we want to give the most focus this week, getting those little sequences down. As they go higher and higher, we can get louder and louder, and then quiet back down to re-enter the A [...]

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Tuesday, May 7th

Myles Xylophone --Review of C major scale, identifying the musical alphabet --up to p 33 in the piano book** Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi --Work on counting the number of repeats in the intro->make sure the fill lands in the right place** Refresh Alfred Solo #2 (lines 1-6)** RECITAL postponed to Sunday, May 12th Jonah Joel Rothman Book: [...]

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Saturday May 4th Lessons – Erin P

Hakim Lost Woods - WOOHOO! I'm very proud of your progress. In the second measure, stay on F major for the entire measure before moving to C. I like noticing which RH note plays at the same time as the new chord and thinking of it that way. I want you to go slow enough when the chords change that [...]

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Saturday, May 4th

Jack Working on 4 and 8-counts Repeat-after-Me game Boys are Back Working on two parts at once: --LH plays "1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +" while RH plays on "2" and "4" Nova RECITAL PREP Alouette Row, Row NEW SONG SHORTLIST: --Conan Gray: Maniac --Weezer: Island in the Sun --Michael Jackson: Billie Jean --Queen: Another One Bites the [...]

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Thursday May 2nd Lessons – Erin P

It was a fun candy filled day today! Yay! Liam, Sara, Marco and Danny you will be performing this Sunday - see you then! Katarina and Marita - we implore you to come cheer on and be inspired by your peers! There will be guitar, drums and violin students there too! Liam Sonatina in G major - Really nice! I [...]

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Tuesday, April 30th

Myles Recital Prep: Back in Black Jonah Joel Rothman Book: Lesson 17** Recital Prep: --Memphis Soul Stew --Spongebob Song Tracie Warmups: --Triplet exercise at 80bpm --Rhythm Ex. at 60bpm Soca Beat (on the handout)

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Saturday April 27 Lessons – Erin P

I had a lot of fun with everyone today and you all are making great progress! Enjoy the warmer (but maybe still wet?) weather this week! Maria Golden Hour - first 8 bars. Evenness is the most important thing about this piece sounding pretty. First get used to the notes by playing them blocked (all at once), and then practice [...]

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