Good work everyone! Your progress is visible and growing! Here is what I would like for you to look at to continue.

Jack- Look at Lesson 3 and try to finish the whole page for next time. Try to get it up to 80 BPM by the end of the week. Also, learn the bottom line of Lesson 2 at any comfortable tempo.

Jonathan- This week, look at Swing page C and learn up to beat number 8. When you have the beats solid, work on going between them and the fills on Miller page 13. Next, work on getting your fast swing up to 220 bpm this week. Try to start around 180 and increase every day. Last, think of a song or two you would like to start learning and we can start to work on them next week.

Ali- Look at Lesson 4 21-end, especially the Application. Next, look at Lesson 5 1-20. As much as you can, do it with a metronome, but anything is good.

Have fun working on this stuff! Next week you will be with David, who is another excellent drum teacher at ABC. Please use this as an opportunity to get a different perspective on anything you are struggling with! Otherwise, he will be updated with what we have been working on and you can continue as normal.

See you soon!