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Wednesday Nov 2 – Homework update

Practice making the harp sound by dragging your hand down the keyboard on the black keys only.  See if you can make it nice and even.
write down the names of the notes on the Firefly song.  See if you can play the first few measures.  Be patient with yourself.
Try playing Ode to Joy with harmony. Make sure your hands and fingers are curved. no flat fingers ok?
Make up a song using only the black keys.  Good work!

Indian Song is really really good, thank you for working the kinks out of it. Hanon exercise! Left/Right and both together an octave apart
Work on Cowboys.  See if you can learn the first page.  Be patient with yourself.

Good job this week.  Keep working on Ode to Joy.  Listen to the melody on Youtube, or have your brother play it for you.  Get the melody in your head so you can sing it.
You are getting better and better at knowing the notes on the keyboard.  I’m proud of your work. :)

Keep working on Sherlock with hands together.  very very slowly. Be sure of each note.  This is also applicable to the Bach prelude.  Go very slowly. After you have worked on the Bach slowly, try speeding it up and making it very smooth and liquid sounding
Minuet – please write the names of the notes under each.

You are doing very well and learning fast.  See how much of the Dreidel song you can learn. Old Gray Mare is very good. Make sure to make the notes connect very very smoothly.
Good work!

Good work on the do-re-me exercise backwards and forwards!
Make sure you do a little singing every day. It’s soooo important.

Keep working on the Sara B. Brave song.  It’s very cool.  Sing with the recording or video to really feel the beat.  Remember to not sing through the rests.
Have a look at Everybody wants to be a Cat and be sure to listen to it online. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A CAT  The words are a bit different than the version we have.
Good job! See you soon!

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