Oct 22-29 Homework – Colin



Ivy by Frank Ocean. Keep working regularly on your bar chords, getting your first finger used to it. Practice adding additional notes of the scale for each chord as a variation.



Strings: Eddie Ate Dynamite Goodbye Eddie

Practice tuning with an electronic tuner – you must know the letter names of each string.

Book: numbers 4 and 5. Practice without looking at your fingers. Use the first finger on the first fret and third finger on the third fret.

Pg. 17: chords C and G7, play first example to practice.

Iron man riff: getting better!



New songs: Minuet in G, Here comes the sun – work on melody for both, chords for Here comes the sun.

Continue from last week:

Pink Panther  is coming along – Pay close attention to your fingerings so you are able to play the whole song in rhythm.

Blues – Listen to the my version on the you tube channel “lftmusicclass” and then try and play it (you will have to go slower in the beginning)