Eliana should practice 4-5 times per week for 30-45 mins per session.


  • Tempo – make sure we don’t slow down “S2”, keep your tempo consistent throughout the whole piece
  • Make sure we’re playing staccato on the 8th note chords


  • Warm up playing hands separately, and started putting hands together for the first 8 bars – work on it at a very slow tempo with the metronome

Sunset in Rio

  • Clean up the rhythm “hiccups” at the marked spots, and clean up the running 8th notes


  • Polish up the first section with proper articulation and consistent tempo, and work on hands together to the marked spot



Anastasia should practice 4-5 times per week for 15-20 mins per session.


  • Do exercise No. 1-7 -> keep your eyes on the music as you play (looking at the direction of the notes, steps, skips, jumps), and count the rhythm.

Forest Drums

  • Great work in class today! Keep working on it hands together fluently, especially the second page

No Moon Tonight

  • Work on this piece R.H. alone until we can play it fluently, feel free to try the L.H. part

Theory Book

  • Assigned page with folded corner



Vivienne should practice 4-5 times per week for 15-20 mins per session.

Maple Leaf Rag

  • Great improvement on the first page this week! Keep working on it with consistent tempo and rhythm correction in the second line.
  • Work on hands together on A and B on the second page, and hands separately until the end



Chantal should practice 4-5 times per week at 15 – 20 mins per session

A Dozen A day

  • Review and perfect our old and new exercises from A Dozen A Day.

Grumpy Old Troll

  • Great job on learning the notes on your own! Keep practising the piece, and add in some marked dynamic changes

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

  • Now that we have the L.H. part, try it hands together!



Alyssa should practice 4-5 times per week at 30 mins – 1 hr per session.


  • Work on the keys we struggle with (often with most sharps/flats), with correct fingering, and use the metronome

Sonatina in F

  • Great work on articulation. Try not to play the end of the slur notes too short, but a gentle tap and lift
  • Work around quarter note = 80 with the metronome while maintaining the proper articulation

Minuet in E

  • “Dance” on the quarter notes like how we worked on in class – don’t push down the keys, but play into the keys with a gentle lift using your wrist

When Rivers Flowed on Mars

  • Work on your fingering and playing the notes as smoothly connected as possible on the top of 2nd page


  • Polish up on the dynamic changes and arpeggio phrases



Maria should practice 4-5 times per week at 15-20 mins per session.

O Susanna

  • Great work on memorising and playing your R.H. part perfectly! Keep practising hands together, especially on bars where we play hands together, and try to keep everything at a moderate tempo (don’t rush on the part where R.H. plays alone)



Claire should practice 4-5 times per week at 15 – 30 mins per session.


  • Polish up the dynamic changes and wrong notes, and increase the tempo with metronome


  • Warm up playing hands separately, and start putting hands together up to the top of 2nd page



Anna should practice 4-5 times per week at 20 – 40 mins per session.


  • “Sing” with your R.H. first before putting hands together
  • Keep L.H. part soft at all time – we don’t want to overpower your R.H. melody


  • Correct the trills, and connect the notes within the phrases
  • Start working on hands together


  • Consistent tempo throughout the piece – play with rubato, but not to rush in the middle