Warm Up “Deep Knee Bend” and “Hopping with the Right Foot.”

Review “Question-Answer” to get the piece feeling nice and comfortable!  Don’t forget to count out loud saying “one and two and three and four and.”  This will help keep the 8th notes at the right speed!

Take a look at “Oriental Song” hands separately and counting out loud.  Go as slowly as you need to feel comfortable playing it.


Warm Up: Deep Breathing, Hammering with the Right Hand, and Hammering with the Left Hand.  There are still many exercises to go and you really enjoy doing them.  I’d recommend buying the book.  The books is called “A Dozen a Day Mini Book” by Edna Mae Burnam.  Here is the Amazon link:

Work on the songs “Petit Minuet” and “Rodeo.”  Next week, I will play the duet part with you in these songs at the next lesson, so make sure you feel really comfortable and confident playing them!


Warm Up: Double thirds ascending and descending.  Continue to focus on the descending part of this warm up, as it is slightly trickier.  Continue to work on A melodic minor formula pattern.

March in D – take this week to solidify everything.  Practice the piece slowly at least three times before playing up to tempo.  This will ensure your fingers always know where to go, even when playing faster.

The Avalanche – “Dove tail” practice the transition in bar 27a-32a, as well as 27b-32b.  This will help solidify that passage and eliminate any hesitation.

Prayer – Nice gentle touch and dynamic contrast!  This is ready to be set aside for the time being, but could be performed if you want!

Hakuna Matata – Count out loud using “one and two and…”  Focus on page two and practice hands separately as much as you need to before putting them together.  Take a look at page three.  With this piece, there are times you’ll have to shift your hand up or down, but don’t worry about trying to connect these jumpy chords together.

Think about what repertoire pieces you may want to learn next.


Play “Giddy Up Pony” and “Ode to Joy” as a warm up!

Practice “Tub Time” and “Gliding Goldfish.”  Remember, middle C has the line through the middle of it, kind of like a cat’s whiskers!