Happy practicing this week! And make sure you’re finding 20 minutes to practice each day!


Cora Ahrens
B.C.: nos. 13, 14, 15
T.C.: nos. 8, 11, 13, 15
*Readability! Make sure your line notes look like line notes and your space notes look like space notes.

Continue to review D major. Lean back a little for your contrary motion scales to help you widen your view of the keys/your hands. Also, before you start to play an scale remember to name the key signature in your head. This will help you anticipate any sharps or flats.

Also this week A minor: remember your 3 minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic)
You need to practice your scales and triads with your finger numbers in mind. That means practice with your scale/triad sheets in front of you. We put your finger number knowledge to the test and found your scales were smoother when you knew what fingers you were crossing to!

Clair de Lune
Continue to focus on the first page. This week practice R.H. with careful attention to finger pedalling and any new fingering we marked in the music. You can also start putting a few measures hands together. Rachel’s goal: up to m. 7 H.T.

She’s Like the Swallow
Finish learning this piece this week using segment practice marked in your music. The whole piece must be H.T. by next week!


Cora Ahrens (same as last week)
B.C.: nos. 15, 17, 18
T.C.: nos. 15, 17, 18

Theory (same as last week)
pg. 50, #2 (only questions with stars)
pg. 51, #1 (only questions with stars)

Start E minor. As per usual, please practice with your scale/triad sheets in front of you. You must memorize fingerings for your scales. At the moment, your crosses are too audible because you are guessing your fingering! :P

Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Keep practicing with music this week. Define your dynamics! Notice your starting dynamic and where you have louder/bigger moments in your piece. You can use colour (though not in a distracting way) to assist your eyes. I’ve already marked a couple examples in your music.

Practice H.S. this week (same 2 pages). Cue R.H. with ‘mm’ impulse on B1 and B3 eighth rest OR practice with a metronome. This will help you stick to the rhythms on the page! Don’t worry about putting anything hands together this week.

Please remind me to start with repertoire next week!


Technical: Continue reviewing A minor scales and triads. Try to practice with your technical sheets in front of you. We’ve written in all the fingering you need to know. Use your technical sheets as a guide until you can memorize your key signatures and fingering. Start E minor this week. Remember you have 3 different minor scales: natural, harmonic, and melodic. Think about what stays the same and what you have to raise and lower before you start to play.

This Is My Planet Earth (TIMPE)
Your goal this week is to put segments 1-7 hands together. We reviewed segment practice in your lesson, and you can also flip back to your previous lesson notes for those instructions.

Practice 1:
E minor and review A minor
TIMPE segments 1-2

Practice 2
E minor and review A minor
TIMPE segments 3-4

Practice 3
E minor and review A minor
TIMPE segments 5-6

Practice 4
E minor and review A minor
TIMPE segments 7-8

We’ll finish up TIMPE in the next lesson and start working on “Aria”. Please remind me to start with repertoire next week!