Recommended Practice Time: 30mins

What to practice: Next week I would like to hear the 3rd line of the coordination exercise with two songs of differing tempos, you can either use the first two songs in this playlist or use two songs you like with similar tempos. In addition work on the beat for Violent Sun

How to practice effectively: With the coordination exercise, just work on getting more and more comfortable and flowing with the third line. For Violent Sun, also try to get a feel for it in your hands and see how much of the song you can play out of the 6-bar beat structure.

Listening Assignment: Check out this Muse album this week!

Muse, Black Holes and Revelations

Good work this week Ella!


Recommended practice time: 15mins

What to practice: This week Jonah I want you to try working on Lesson 6. Also try taking a look at these extra beats!

How to practice effectively: For the reading, keep working on counting while clapping. Lesson 6 has some 16th that you will need to clap and count as well when you get to them. Also work on the new beats and have fun with them, we might work on incorporating them with some new fills!

Hey dude, great job today for plowing through the reading, I can tell its getting better. Keep up the good work!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: Next week Samson I want to work through the second page of Lesson 5 as well as Mario Beatbox.

How to practice effectively: The name of the game right now Samson is timing. I want you to work through the beats in Lesson 5 with a metronome if you can and when you learn Mario Beatbox, I want you to play along with the track and see if you can tell when you’re playing exactly with the music and when it might be a little bit off. These grooves are pretty simple so the idea is to get good at placing them really well.

Great stuff with Crab Rave this week man, can’t wait to play with you next week!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: This week Sylvie I want you to keep working through the rest of the coordination warmup and lets hear it with some of the songs from the playlist next week!

How to practice effectively: Try to groove with the feet more than anything, keep them going the whole time even if you make a mistake. Then just get back on as best as you can. Remember to start and stop your stroke about 6in above the drum and use mostly wrist!

Good work today Sylvie, don’t be afraid to keep making mistakes!


Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: This week I want you to practice 8-8-16 as a warmup everyday and continue working through the coordination exercise.

How to practice effectively: For both of these exercises I want you to focus on these aspects about technique: keep the stoke coming primarily from the wrist, keep your strokes starting and stopping about 6in above the drumhead with good velocity, and keeping a strong fulcrum and relaxed grip. Work at these things a bit every day and soon things will start to feel less weird and more natural.

Here’s some more listening:

The Who, Who’s Next

Bon Iver, Bon Iver