Congrats on learning All Through The Night so fast! I’m glad you like it.

I’ll review what we talked about for All through… , I know you have notes but maybe this will help clarify some things.

Good sound and articulation: Practice this always taking full breaths and focusing on your sound. That is what this song is all about. Beauty! Work on it with no articulation, imagine it’s a long tone and you just move your fingers. This will allow you to think about air flow and relaxation…. therefore good sound. When that feels comfortable then add the tongue in – but lightly. Think of articulation as a spectrum. Practice the exercise where you go from short notes to long notes, and vice versa. This will allow you to quickly access that feeling of different types of tonguing.

Rhythmic clarity: Mostly this was really good. Try practicing with a metronome and tapping your foot along with it, that will internalize your natural sense of time. Rememeber the dotted half note and quarter note should both get their indicated length. Also watch for the poco rall and rit sections. Milk it!! Think performance always.

Dynamics: Like I said, I think the dynamics are not indicated well on this chart. Add more in!! Use your musicality to interpret what would sound the best. When you play higher, generally you would want to play louder.. same thing goes for long held notes. Crescendo through them. Where do you want the peak of the piece to be? Where is it the most intense? Consider these things when you add in more dynamics.

Schitt’s Creek theme: You got this. Use your ear and logic to figure it out. I’ll give you a hint. It’s in our B minor. Two sharps… F# and C#… same notes as D major. have fun!