You were using your ear to pick out the major scale associated with two major chords: D and F, while naming the notes from the root up to the octave. You also were able to improvise on a D major scale over chords I played in that key of D major.

Further exploration:  Go through other major chords you know and be able to name the notes in the chord: either root, third, fifth.



Old riffs: keep on working to play them in rhythm, just like the recordings.

New riff: Iron man (I gave you an easier version, on the same string as the other two, on a separate sheet)

From the book we did pg. 6 numbers 1 and 2 – practice those and you can also try number 3,4,5,6 (or you can wait til next lesson)

Also from the second last page you did Em – you can practice strumming it.

Practice everything except the chord with the pick resting on the next string each time you play a note (except the first string which has no note below it)



Pink Panther – listen to a recording and see if you can play just like it, with the same rhythm.

Rolling in the deep – same.

Review chords in Demons.