Everyone was tired today, including me!!!  This happens now and then in the life of a musician, but keep in mind, the saying, “the show must go on”, is there for a reason!!! ;)


Keep playing that note naming game, but don’t cheat!!  I noticed your note reading improved slightly from last week, so keep it up!!!


Have a great time in India, and while there, if possible, watch live performances of music!  Improvisation is a fundamental to Indian music, so I’ve heard.


Search ‘note naming games’ on Google, and play them!!  Don’t rely on your grandmother for your learning, my dear sir.  Take initiative!


Another great lesson!  I wished you had a 45 minute lesson, but in lieu of that, practice as much as you can.  You’re talented!!!


Good second lesson.  Be patient with yourself, but keep trying.  Getting used to bowing/the bow grip can be a challenge for some.  You will get there!!