Work on G major scale improvising either single note or within the chord, paying attention to which notes are in the chord and which ones are not.

Same with C major scale on the other side of the paper I gave you.



Iron man riff – use both first and second fingers when playing the fast part on the 7th and 8th fret.

Book: Practice playing the examples while looking at the book, not at your hands. You will need to memorize where the three notes are on the first string.


Continue working on power chords in “Smells like teen spirit” with a hand position that gives you the ability to stretch your fingers.

Highway to Hell is getting more solid – Keep working going from chord to chord in the different parts of the song



Pink Panther  is coming along – Pay close attention to your fingerings so you are able to play the whole song in rhythm.

Blues – Listen to the my version on the you tube channel “lftmusicclass” and then try and play it (you will have to go slower in the beginning)