Aidan- Look at this sheet ( and apply the accents and flams the way I wrote on your sheet. Also practice playing flamacues and flam accents in each sticking.

Jack- Practice the Lesson 2 beats and the shaker intro to Purple Hat. Bring one of your homemade shakers to the next lesson!

Jonathan- Work on getting swing sheet B up to 200. Whenever increasing your speed, stop playing, change the metronome, then continue. Here’s a good example of some jazz drumming Also, check out Noname’s album Room 25 for some of the best hip hop drumming there is.

Harry- Practice the xylophone melodies from school up to number 26.

Sam- Try to pick up the beats from Bounce Out and Hard by ear. I’ll have them written out for next week. Also, Musescore is the program we were talking about in the lesson.

Ali- Look at Lesson 3 if younget a chance, and keep close attention to when your right foot makes contact.

Thanks for the good work, I’ll see you all next week!



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