You are doing so well!  Your work on the Mulan song is so good!  Your voice has sweetened up a lot!  Good work!
Keep working on the Cookies for Breakfast song. Remember to pick another song from the Sesame Street book.
Don’t forget gentle warm-ups!

Congrats on getting the solo!  That’s amazing!  You are really progressing quickly.
Here’s some ideas for the week.  Keep working on gentle warm ups.  This time experiment with pure vowels as you do your warm up.  Be gentle with your voice.  Use all your breath.  Keep working on The Rose.  Next week we will look on purifying vowels especially on long notes.  See if you can find another song like this that you love.  Always be searching for things to sing.

Great to meet you!  I look forward to working with you.  Take some time this week to choose a number of songs you’d like to learn.
Perhaps find a book of songs at Long and McQuade or on for us to work on together.
Here are some suggestions:  Love Songs – Budget Books   Country Songs – Budget Books  Broadway for Teens