Thanks for the good work this week! Here is what I would like you to look at for next lesson.

Jack- Lesson 2 entire page at 70 BPM on the metronome. Over the week try to speed up to 70. Start around 40 and work your way up a bit each day. Remember that the metronome will click quarter notes, so when you play the beat, your hi hat will be playing twice for every metronome click.

Jonathan- Fast swing! Pick a couple of beats from Swing Shet B and try to get them up to 250 BPM. Next, take a look at Swing Sheet C and try to get them all up to 50 BPM. If you think the whole sheet is too much, try to only get the first half up to tempo.

Ali- Look at Lesson 3 last line and work on looking ahead while playing so you’re aways ready to play what comes next. Next, look at Lesson 4 and try to work on as many of those beats as you can. Watch out for the hihat and make sure it only plays eighth notes even when the kick or snare falls on a sixteenth note inbetween.

See you soon and Happy Halloween!