Good job today on the xylophone! Keep learning to read music a bit on your own so it’s not as difficult during lessons.

Work on getting consistent double bounces in your strokes and practice more swung 8ths (jazz/shuffle pattern).


Try learning the 16th notes grid, if you do what I did with you in the lesson every day then you’ll be able to do the whole exercise pretty easily in a week.bHave fun messing around on your kit!


Nice meeting you today! Try working on the coordination for the rock beat; you basically have it I think the next time you try it it will feel pretty easy. Try to work on 1-8 of stick control, I’ll post the document below.


Target bpm for scales is 60=quarter or 120=8ths, you should play 16ths. We’ll mostly work on kit later but for now get comfortable with the basic audition standards. If you can learn the etude I gave you then we won’t have to worry about repertoire but if you would like something easier then bring me the rcm Lv2 book. When practicing on your own remember to focus on lifting your wrists!

Good work everyone!

Here’s stick control reposted: