Happy Halloween weekend everyone! <3

Continue to work on Playful Snakelets and Melancholy Reflections. Beat to beat practice on on snakelets, hearing the imitation between hands. Melancholy Reflections will benefit from hands separate practice until fluent.

Have fun warming up with the Dozen a Day exercises you screenshotted. Think about HOW your wrists and fingers are moving as you play these simple-note-wise exercises.

Recommended practice time: 30 minutes a day

You’re working on connecting the legato RH melody line in Let’s Waltz. Make sure there are no holes in the sound and that the notes connect like if a person was singing them – you wouldn’t breathe before *every* note.

Your new piece is Spider’s Web. LH has the melody here and the RH gets to play fun “grace notes” – these are the little notes that you play for a tiny amount of time before leaning into the “real” note. The “real” note is still the one that will Feel the beat. Keep the pedal down for the spooky vibe.

Recommended practice time: 20 minutes

You’re working on The Snake. Notice the silly key signature and make sure you’re always playing those notes. The dynamics are so important in this piece to convincingly be a snake charmer. It’s an invention so each hand should copy the other – if you play the phrase loud in the RH, when the LH copies it, it should also be loud.

If you continue to play around with Mountain King, work to make the transition into the more sparse section with the chords in time.

Recommended practice time: 30 minutes

You’re working on Man from Mars. Keep your head up and look at the page, and say the note names quietly to yourself as you play. This song isn’t hard for you to play, but you are learning to READ the notes and know the names of each note your fingers touch. Remember each measure needs 4 bars so people could dance to it, so give those half notes their 2 beats! Great reading today.

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Recommended practice time: 15-20 minutes

You’re working on Fife and Drum. Think C and G as you are playing to help your brain make the connection of what the symbols on the page feel like on the piano. Also be sure to play LOUD when it says Forte (f) and quiet when it says piano (p). Keep a steady pulse while playing, so go as slow as you want. Drums are always steady and we’re pretending to be drums in this piece. Great work today!

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Recommended practice time: 15-20 minutes