Good job this week everyone! Sorry for getting this out late, this is what you should look at for next lesson.

Aidan- Look at all 3 of the melodies from school. Try your best to not memorise it (unless it happens naturally) and keep looking at the sheet. Please bring the snare drum sheet as well for next lesson.

Jack- Look at beat #5 in your book as well as the Lesson 1 sheet #1-15. Work up the more difficult beats from a slow speed and get faster throughout the week.

Jonathan- Work on solidifying the Yes Indeed beat. You can play all the parts perfectly, now it just needs a bit of time to become fluid and comfortable. Also, continue with Swing sheet B and this time incorporate the fills (you can pick any ones you like). The goal is to be able to play one pattern, a fill, then straight into the next pattern.

Harry- Continue practicing your school assigned melodies. They are going really well! Make sure to keep looking at the music and try not to rely on memory.

I’ll see you all soon, have fun with this!!