Keep working on stick control at around 120bpm. If your hands are free while doing other tasks then try to get as much practice in as possible but try to have at least 10 min/day of focused practice.

Keep up the good work!


Focus on Lessons 1 and 2. Play excercises at the tempo I wrote in for you.

Try to practice 30 min a day but I think it would be better for you to do two 15 min chunks than one 30 min sitting.


Nice seeing you in person! Keep working on the doubles and buzz rolls; remember to stay relaxed. Play stick control at the tempos that I wrote for you.

Also, try reading through the book you had when working with Gordon and bring it to your next lesson.

Your mom was joking about how you tried practicing in front of the TV. If you can zone out and keep playing while doing other things I would actually encourage that. Just make sure you have at least 15min/day of intense, focused practice.

Have a nice week!