Keep working on Black Dog, it sounds great! Practice Heartbreaker for next time. Keep working on The Snake. It is totally fine to shift your hand to get each finger in the ideal spot. Your technique is looking great on it though, keep it up! Focus on those bar chords this week, from both the E string and the A string (top 4 strings). Practice naming each chord when you shift your hand.


Keep working on Roar, it is sounding great. Also work on You Are My Sunshine. Try to practice both songs with a metronome this week (it free on YouTube, you just have to find the right speed). Also keep practicing your chords G C D and F. Try to memorize those for next time.


Keep working on your power chords, you are doing great. Practice Seven Nation Army and Smells Like Teen Spirit with power chords. Keep trying to use a pick, it will really help with these (get the hardest ones you can find). Work on I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor for next time. This is a really good tune to practice picking, and picking patterns. Have a listen to it this week, and bring another tune you would like to learn!


Keep practicing Black Dog, Heartbreaker and The Ocean. They all sound great! Keep playing along to those songs. You did a great job with Purple Haze, keep working on that for next time. We will learn the chords next time. Also practice your picking pattern with those bar chord shapes! We did G C D, try to figure out A D E and D G A in bar chords! (only the top 4 strings for those bar chord shapes for now)


Keep working on Blue Monk, it is really coming together. Practice the melody, chords and soloing ideas on that tune. We will go over more ideas next time. Work on Birk’s works for next time, both the melody and the chords. And keep working on In My Life. We will keep working on that as a duo piece, it sounds awesome. Try to get that melody really clean. Sing the song out loud when you play the melody, and try to match your playing with your vocal phrasing.