Start reading “Ice Skaters”.

Sonatina in D major: For the first two lines in the second page, practice slowly with both hands. For the last two lines, read first with separate hands, and then put both hands together. Practice the whole piece with the repetition.


“Princess or Monster?” (p. 68) make sure you don’t stop between notes, specially between the first and second line.
Read “The Bugle Boys” for next week.


“A friend like you” Practice the piece with the repetition.
Do the written exercise in page 20. In the boxes above the staff, put the name of the notes. In the boxes below, put the interval.


“Summertime Sadness”: Make patterns with the bass that don’t fall only with the chords, but in the upbeats as well.
Sonatina in C major: Play it with metronome (60 bpm). Practice the excepts marked in the book (pick 1 or 2 bars, and repeat them until memorized).