Review the six exercises Walking, Running, Skipping, Jumping and The Splits!

  • Make sure with The Splits that you keep your wrist the same level as you play.  Remember to keep your fingers close to the keys!

Afternoon Swing: Practice and review this.  Don’t forget the time signature is in 3/4 (3 beats per measure).  Count out loud!

Ho Hum: Practice this piece hands separately.  In this piece, we learn two new music terms!

  • Legato: smooth and connected
  • Ritard: short for “ritardando.”  It means to slow down gradually.


Review the exercises “Walking” and “Hopping” from the photocopy.  Add onto these the exercise “Bouncing the Ball with the Right Hand.”  These exercises feature a note with a dot under it.  This is called a staccato, which means a short and detached note!

Practice the songs “My Invention” and “March on D-E-F.” Don’t forget to count the half notes (white notes with a stem), which are worth two beats instead of one.



Bring in your fun song to learn next week.

Warm up with the double thirds ascending and descending.  Play these in legato and staccato.

Positively Swinging – Great work!  This one we can put away for now and take out later for a performance.

March in D – write in your own dynamics and accents to create shape to the piece.

Prayer – Make sure the middle voices in the chords are heard.  Play these chords firmly to establish your memory for playing lightly.  Stay relaxed!

The Avalanche – try practicing this without stopping.  See that you can play through the piece, even if you make mistakes!  Then, go back and practice slowly while stopping and correcting any mistakes.  Then try playing it again without stopping!



Before practicing, shake out your whole body to get nice and relaxed and ready to play!

Review the song “I Wish I were a Fish.”

Practice “I Love Snack Time.”  Play with strong fingers.

Don’t forget that a half note (white note with a stem) is worth two beats and a whole note (white note without a stem) is worth four beats.  Count out loud to make sure you play them long enough!