Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep working on the chromatic scale/fingerings & note names. Start with low C & continue upwards until high C (with the octave key on). Feel free to practice this with your fingers & without the mouthpiece or just review the fingering chart in your spare time as well.
  • Continue to work on the Brahms medley. Slow down the parts that are giving you trouble & don’t forget to clap the rhythms. Don’t be thrown off by the notes with the ties; remove the tie first when playing & then add it back when you feel ready.


  • Continue working on the chromatic scale & note names.
  • Work on exercises involving the break & the higher note on the clarinet. Either create exercises for yourself or refer to the Rubank book.
  • Keep working on major scales, arpeggios & thirds. Add Bb major to the mix. Try slurring your scales or changing up the articulation (eg: 2 notes tongued, 2 notes slurred). Focus on trying to slur notes over the break.
  • Remember not to over blow when switching registers.
  • Keep up sight reading.


  • Work on chromatic scale starting on low Bb up to High F. Memorize fingerings & note names!!! Make this your priority.
  • Listen to the rock band song! High & Dry – Def Leppard.
  • Keep working on High & Dry. Slow down any rhythms that are giving you trouble & clap them out. If you’re having trouble with the ties, remove them & then add them back, once you feel comfortable.


  • Work on chromatic scale & fingerings. Make sure to memorize the notes! Try experimenting with the new fingerings we talked about today in the low register (low C#, C, B & Bb).
  • Keep working on C major scale & arpeggio. Start from low C & go up to high C with the octave key.
  • Please try to purchase the book I was talking about: Rubank Elementary Method for Saxophone. There is a direct link on my teacher’s page under My Preferred Books. You can also find it at Long & McQuade.

Good luck with the practicing, see you guys next week.