Great first lesson!! remember your finger numbering corresponding with the C position (starting on C)

Keep practicing legato (connecting from one step to another, just like “walking” on piano)

Improvise on black keys! (to get a better idea of low – high sounds, and dynamics (volume) you can create)

Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!



Nice job learning F position!! (be sure to stay right above the keys you’re using, including B flat, also try not to look at your hand too much, you don’t need to just feel the keys under your fingers – it’ll make it easier for you to read the notes without getting lost (looking up and down trying to find your spot))

For this week focus mainly on the new songs (in F major, F position) but try also go back and see if you can remember some older pieces in C position you should find it easy!)

Scales: C major and G major (with F sharp)

10 – 15 mins of practice each day should be enough :)



Work on the new pieces first (when you have the most energy and focus): Fur Elise (play hands separately first , then try together)

In my red convertible (careful with changing left hand position for the chords)

Go back to your other older pieces (Sunburst Waltz, The Time Machine, Pagoda in the Purple Mist, Kum Ba Yah, A Day at the Carnival etc)

Test yourself to play The Dragon Hunt by memory!

Scales: C major, D major and G major

A minor


15 mins of practice a day should keep you in good shape :)