Hello Rockers and Parents,

In the last week-and-a-half we’ve sent out Rock Band Student Agreements that we have asked your students to review with you, and to return with their signatures, and your initials.  Those are due this week.  If your child did not bring theirs home, or lost it, please print it now and go over it with them.  It is formatted for legal sized paper.

As you know, part of our Rock Band experience is to give students a window into what it is like, and what it means to be in a group, and a more professional environment.  Making an agreement is an important part of professional life, whatever the job, and understanding what they are agreeing to (including expectations) is likewise a key part of our program and future adult life.

We ask that you go over this with them, so that they understand each part of it (it is not complicated), and so they have a chance to ask and get answers to questions.  We also ask you to initial it, so we know that you understand what is necessary to support their experience, and make is a strong one.  Because these groups usually only have 1 person on a part, any absence or miscommunication can leave a serious gap in the music.  This is why this higher level of expectation and effort is required on all fronts.

Concert Alert

Our first concert of the year is our Fall Recital, and is on December 4th.  Rock Bands will be playing.  At the moment it is our goal to have 3 recital times (12, 1, 2pm).  If things get very full, we’ll do an 11am time, as well.  Please book these off at this time, and call the office within 72 hours if there is any conflict whatsoever.  Beyond the 72 hours it is assumed that everyone will be available and attending.



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