Awesome work today and this past week, guys, ALL of you!  A+++!!!


When you really want to learn a new song, you learn it!  Don’t forget to look at your other assigned pieces, too!  MOVE to the rhythm.


Remember to ‘fall in love’ with each note of the melody ~ the possible beautiful SOUND you could make by articulating the key just right.  Experiment with your touch and wrist/arm motions.  You won’t know unless you try!


If a certain animal’s behavior was described as ‘slow and steady wins the race’ (the tortoise), that would be you!  Your steady progress this past year has been remarkable.  Keep it up, and don’t forget to MOVE TO THE piece’s RHYTHM!!!


Excellent work this past week, my girl!  You came up with the (beginning) of your own left hand accompaniment for one of your songs.  Now, play along with the melody of your YouTube songs, until you can play it from beginning to end, correctly, without stopping.  There’s a budding performer in you yet!