Hi everyone! Report cards went home this week and they announce our first post-pandemic recital! It will be Sunday May 5th and we have two “shows” available to register for: 12:30 and 1:30 I believe. Look at your schedules and see if you’re available!


Lost Woods – great job with the RH! I love the articulation you’re using. Next add in the LH, slow and steady wins the race here. You’re teaching your body how to coordinate together, and eventually it can be sped up.

*New* Raiders in the Night page 1. This piece is in A minor and the time signature is 6/8 (there are 6 8th notes per measure, but we feel two Big beats). Build up your finger independence by not moving your thumb out of the A minor 5 finger position, and instead using all the fingers for the RH melodies.


Viva la Vida – dynamics and tempo. You’re going to do great at your talent show!!! I’m very proud of your collaboration with your friend and the arrangement you’ve created.

*New* Somersault King – Count carefully and enjoy the happy mood of this piece! LH is mostly all recognizable triad shapes.
I will have prepped some of Golden Hour for next week.


Saturn by SZA – In C major. This piece is actually in Db major on the recording, but we transposed it down a half step so it can be played using white keys. It uses the C Major 7th chord notes (C E G B) plus the higher C and an occasional D. Today we worked out a fingering plan that demands the least position changes of the hand, and instead uses a “radar” wrist that pivots to allow you to stretch from thumb to pinky without too much stretching, instead just pivoting.