Great job everyone! Sounding so good and making some crazy progress!


Raptors – up until star. Remember to play the notes staccato (bouncey and detached).

A minor scale – based on C major scale notes, just starting on A

E minor scale – based on G major scale notes, just starting on E. Don’t forget your F#.


Viva la Vida – Play along with the recording to get used to the steady tempo. You tend to rush at the last half of the opening 4 bars, and tend to drag at the beginning of each verse. It’s sounding wayyy cleaner than last lesson, great job!

Fundoodle – If you have the time to get to this one have fun! Lots of triad shapes.


Going UndercoverHere is the sheet music if you need. C minor position. You can do 3121 finger independence exercises when you’re not at the keyboard with your RH to get used to this. Then you can do two RH taps per one LH tap to simulate the last half of the song, RH is 8th notes and LH is quarter notes.

Contary motion C major scale – you’re making great progress at this!!! Good job.


*New* Flute of the Andes – this piece uses the interval of a 4th again a ton. It uses entirely Gs and Cs, with the exception of one A.

C Major triads – CEG EGC GCE. You can play these broken and solid. Use fingers 135 and 125.