Happy April Fools! I had no pranks for you today, and neither did you all for me. I appreciate it haha!


(pg 57) A Joke For You – new notes! Bass C and D.

(pg 58) Football Game – both hands in C position for the first time! You now know bass C, D and E! Notice the direction of the lines, and whether it’s stepping or skipping.

By the way, great hand position today. I really appreciated your effort to rounded fingers and a supported wrist :) Welcome back!!!


Interstellar – Practice RH arm movements by themselves until your body remembers the distance between each note automatically. This will free up brain power to focus on the more intense LH.

I’ll look into the Memories x Canon in D piece for you.


Crazy Comics – Fix circled LH fingering, it makes it much easier. Great rhythm reading! Now you know the last 2 bars as well, ensure the last chord is played quietly and cool.

Periwinkle Twinkle – Look to the page to ensure you’re in the correct octave and noticing details like dynamics. Great job learning everything, now work on smoothing out the transitions between sections. The last line of the piece goes medium loud, softer, softer, LOUD! Have fun with this drama.

*D and A major triads. Broken and solid. They are both white-black-white patterns and will use the same fingering as your other triads do. (Congrats on your completion of all 12 Major scales!!)


Mission Impossible – New part we learnt today is the ending where both hands play what is usually the LH part in unison. First learn it with the RH and then play it hands together. You also CAN play the main part HT now exactly as written, just go slow and steady and push yourself :)

Young Ludwig Exploring – we know the whole thing now! Go steady so you can play the rhythms accurately. The new part we learnt today overlaps each other a little, whereas the very beginning the hands start just after each other. Read carefully.

*New Major Scale = A. Same fingering as your other scales, with three black keys = C#, F#, G#.