Read “Home on the Range” (Piano Adventures pp. 40-41). Always have the tempo on your head while playing, so you can follow up with the half notes and eight notes. If you count out loud, remember to star in “3” (the upbeat). Try to read to the end.

Maria Ines:

“City of Stars”: Practice the A section (the first part of the song). Remember to play the eight notes with swing (the jumpy feeling) all the time, even at a slow tempo. Practice the repetition as well.


“Grandmother” (Piano Adventures pp. 62). Read from beginning to end. If she has trouble with the last bar, stop before that and we will see that specific bar next class. Make sure she plays bars 1 and 2 with both hands at the same time, and not the right hand after the left hand.


“Siamese Cats”: Play from beginning to end. Remember the tempo and the fact that the half notes last two beats (count two before keeping going).

Practice the chords from Bad Guy with the song. Remember to change every 8 beats and that the fist chord (G minor) is repeated.