Happy Holidays!


-Warmups (30 sec each)
–8 on a hand
–Singles; doubles; paradiddles
–Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
*Alfred Lesson 6 ex. 1-6
*New Song: Scott Pilgrim
–Work on the first three lines: Sound it out, play it in the correct rhythm, and get comfortable
–Piano Adventures p. 33
–Call Me Maybe


-Triplet ex. (*Goal Tempo=130 or 125 if 130 is too fast)
-Sixteenth-Note Exercise (goal tempo = 90)
-Flams Accents = ||: lR-L-R rL-R-L :|| (*Print PAS Rudiments Chart)
-Singles, Doubles, Paradiddles – **goal tempo: 130bpm
Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance *Half-time groove on p. 3-counting
-Extra foot exercises: 16th ex. with bass drum and doubles between LH-RF


Warmups (1min each):
-Triplet Exercise *110bpm
-Sixteenth-note Exercise 90bpm*
Syncopation Book: p. 9 *16-bar exercise
Toto: Hold the Line
-work on two strategies for building speed (5 min ea)
-Opening drum fill (minus first note) “3 – a 4”
-Work on the verse groove bass drum: “trip-let 3…trip-let 1…”


-Triplet Exercise “1-trip-let-2-trip-let…” (1measure RH, 2 measures LH)–try for 1min straight
-Stick Control **33-42 (Goal Tempo=140bpm)
-Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
Drumset Musician p 27 7-12 with Sweet Child groove: Internalize the pulse! Count aloud
Begin work on Drain You**