Happy long weekend everyone! Enjoy and thanks for your hard work <3


Yankee Doodle. Good reading today! Keep your eyes on the page and keep making those connections of how the notes look on the page to how they feel on the keyboard. Make sure the notes in the intro get the correct amount of beats (half notes, the hollow ones, get 2 beats).

G major scale. Same fingering as the C scale (RH = 123 12345. LH = 54321 321) except it has one black key, F#, right before the top. Remember to keep the same fingering going up and down, just reversed.


When the Saints Go Marching lead sheet. Play the melody while using any rhythms you like for the LH chords.

Scales with proper fingering. You know C, D, E, F, G, A: all of them (except RH F) use the exact same fingering. RH= 123 12345. LH = 54321 321.


Alone in a Crowd and Moon River. Print these out or read them off your laptop but our intention here is sightreading and always looking to the page for details – not immediately internalizing the notes and discarding the page :)

Practice your staccato touch with scales (finger staccato) and solid intervals like 5ths or 6ths (wrist staccato) using both hands.


Morning by Grieg. Great reading today! This piece begins with a LH melody first, then right, than LH to end it off. Both follow the same phrase shape. Remember the 8th notes have to be half as long as the quarter notes, so two of them can fit in the time of one beat.

Warmup with your C, G or D major scales. You can play them legato or staccato.


Storms of Saturn – All. Your hands stay in the same Whole Tone scale shape until the top of page two where the RH goes up to treble C position and the LH reaches down to some different low notes. Have fun creating a musical landscape with the pedal. You could put a space movie scene (or Star Wars) on silent and then play this to be a soundtrack!!

You can learn the LH This Old Man for some extra practice too!

Your new scale is F Major. It is the same fingering as all the other scales you know for LH. RH is a bit different = 1234 1234. It has only one black key: Bb.